Alloderm surgical mesh has been linked to serious complications. Our lawyers have helped countless people, so contact us TODAY if you are experiencing any of these AlloDerm problems:

What is AlloDerm?

The AlloDerm hernia repair patch is made from biological tissue harvested from cadaver donors and processed to reduce the risk of complications. During the procedure a surgeon anchors the surgical mesh patch in place until the patient’s body grows new tissue around it. The new tissue is supposed to surround the mesh patch just as it would around existing tissue. Because one of the companies that provided the cadaver tissue could not verify information on some tissue donors, the manufacturer of this mesh patch issued a recall for some lots of the product in 2005. In addition to the questionable tissue source, these patches have a high rate of failure and increase the risk of complications in those who have had hernia repair surgery.

What are my legal rights?

  • Be eligible for legal representation at no cost to you.
  • Be informed of health risks and solutions of AlloDerm mesh.
  • Be entitled to monetary compensation, including medical bills, pain and suffering, and other expenses.

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Our Settlement

  • Recent reports show that AlloDerm meshes are linked to serious complications including infections, abscesses, inflammation, swelling, contusions and the recurrence of the hernia.

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  • Between February 2007 and April 2009, 29 cases of adverse reactions linked to AlloDerm mesh patches were reported to the FDA. Seventy individuals participated in a study...

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  • AlloDerm, a breast reconstruction aid, is under scrutiny. The tissue matrix, first developed for burn victims and now commonly used in hernia and post-mastectomy situations...

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  • Are you experiencing any of the symptoms listed above?

    AlloDerm patch failures can cause damage to organs and blood vessels near the patch, causing your hernia pain to worsen. See your physician for a further diagnosis.

  • My doctor told me my AlloDerm patch failed and says I need another surgery to repair the damage. What should I do?

    No matter if you have another surgery or not, have your doctor document everything related to the problems you are experiencing with the AlloDerm patch. Thorough and proper documentation of the complications you are experiencing will help when it comes time to file a complaint.

  • How can an attorney help me with my problems with an AlloDerm patch?

    While there is no guarantee for a specific type of outcome, an experienced AlloDerm lawyer can help you determine if you have the basis for a legitimate claim for litigation. An AlloDerm lawyer will work with you and your treating physicians to determine the extent to which you have been injured as a result of an AlloDerm patch failure, guiding you every step of the way.

  • When should I call an AlloDerm Lawsuit lawyer?

    That's up to you. Though, the sooner you contact an experienced AlloDerm attorney, the sooner you can have someone fighting for your right for compensation due to an AlloDerm patch failure.

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